about bliss

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

daily bliss: looking at life through rosé filled glasses...

(guest bloggers tonight include: B, H, S, and H)

two best college friends visiting...

road trip...

wine club...

three pink mustaches..

m-town friends/colleagues...

garnache rosado, cinsault, and syrah...

kick off and end the night with saracco moscato d'asti...

happy, happy times in the Summer of Fun!!!


  1. you look lovely in your pink mustaches!!

  2. crazy. cool. sexy.

    Yeah, especially the mustaches! Oh yeah! It looks to me like a great time!

  3. Super fun night!

    Now, though, I have a bunch of non-pink mustaches that I need to find a use for, since they were going to be the guests of honor at the summer wine club/campout fest. I got scooped, man! ;)

    Hope the big ship was more fun, and you're having a good weekend.

  4. thanks, y'all. 'twas a fabulous evening with the best of friends.