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Friday, September 10, 2010

100 words: compost

I'm participating in a weekly writing challenge: 100 words. Each week, Velvet Verbosity posts a prompt, and participants write 100 words, in any form, that evoke the word. This week's word: rotten


rotten: bruised peaches dried coffee grounds blackened banana peels green grass clippings cracked egg shells twisted tree branches yellowed corn husks moldy bread spent tea bags squeezed lemons giant summer squashes horse dung carved pumpkins golden straw wrinkled apples multicolored leaves cow manure melon rinds flowering weeds sad tomatoes chicken shit blighted berries greening potatoes shredded carrots
flourishing microorganisms: fast fungi beneficial bacteria miracle microbes
turning turning turning: sifting lifting pitchforking
small scraps large pile hot core
worms: detritus digesting skin casting
feeding: rich soil prolific garden velvet lawn
transformation: making abundant life out of so much death and decay.


  1. I love compost. I have that book, "Let it Rot". Did you ever read it?

  2. Love it. Interesting AND informative. Nice.