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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

twd: peanut butter crisscrosses

Oh, for a peanut studded peanut butter cookie, with a glass of milk. Or a mug of coffee. Or a cup of tea.

I love Dorie's peanut butter cookies, and have made them several times for friends or family events. The last version included chocolate chips, which made them tricky to crisscross, and also made them a bit crumbly, but the flavor combination was worth the mess.

Because this is the first almost full week of school, I didn't have time to bake them again. And apparently I didn't take any photos before packing them up for parties and gatherings when I last baked them. Ooops!

Trust me, they're delicious. And they look just like a peanut butter cookie should look: golden, sugar dusted, and inviting.

Head over to Jasmine's blog, Jasmine Cuisine, for the recipe, and for her delightful story, written in both French and English!


  1. Thanks for the nice comment about me! I'm glad you like these cookies as much as I do. Gotta try them with chocolate now!

  2. yay for back to school madness :)

  3. Im sure they looked good! Im glad you enjoyed this recipe!
    Have a wonderful school year!!
    Sorry it's taken me awhile to get to your blog..I try to leave a comment on everyones blog and it takes awhile!