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Monday, September 06, 2010

daily bliss: new book lust

the sample covers for Jennifer Crusie's latest novel, Maybe This Time, from her website, arghink.com

So I've been blogging everyday this month because I challenged G to a NaBloPoMo to help us both keep writing regularly as our work lives pick up. The theme this month is art, a theme that should be easy to touch on in multiple entries. G's done a fabulous job linking to the theme. Won't you check out his blog?

As for me, I have a doozy of a post in the works on techne and episteme (please don't run away. it will be interesting. and not hoity-toity academic. i promise.) But this post demands some serious writing time. And I've been re-entering the academic world, finalizing syllabi, shifting daily routines, spending time in front of the mirror deciding what to wear, all of which are preventing me from writing said post. I could pull it off tonight, except that I bought Jenny Crusie's newest novel, Maybe This Time, on Saturday, and have yet to dive in. I cannot wait any longer. The siren call of an unbroken spine, of pristine pages, of a narrative world from a favorite author yet unexplored is simply too much to resist. Ahhh, new book lust. Forever and always my weakness.

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