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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

twd: coffee break muffins

When I discovered espresso powder years ago, my chocolate cakes and cupcakes were transformed by a richness and depth they previously lacked. There was one unfortunate incident where an espresso powder laced kahlua chocolate cheesecake kept a group of poker players up much of the night, a reminder that this magical ingredient packs a caffeinated punch. Overall, this one ingredient wields great power!

Dorie's Coffee Break Muffins include two forms of caffeinated goodness: strong brewed coffee and the aforementioned espresso powder. Besides adding layered coffee flavor, these ingredients create that same depth and richness I discovered in my chocolate treats. Only slightly sweet, this muffin would be a perfect vehicle for a layer of nutella, don't you think?

I ate my muffin after lunch yesterday, with a mug of hot vanilla green tea instead of coffee. I didn't want to go to class jittery. 

I like these muffins—they're rich, simple, and different. They're not my favorite, but I will make them again for brunches or coffee hours. 

Thank you, Rhiani, of Chocoholic Anonymous, for selecting this week's TWD recipe. Check out her blog or buy the book for the recipe.


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Great idea to add Nutella!

  2. About the Nutella...I tried more than one muffin with a slather that chocolaty goodness on top. So yummy!

  3. great idea with the nutella. a perfect topping I think!
    also, ive never heard of vvanilla green tea - what brand is it?
    I made mine into coffee cake with chopped chocolate bars on top! Tia @ Buttercreambarbie

  4. Everything is better with nutella, no?

  5. Brilliant! Nutella would make them even better! Sorry they weren't a favorite!

  6. Thanks for baking along, I think Nutella is a great idea for these - mmm...coffee, chocolate and hazlenut, I'm sold!

  7. Yum I think nutella is a perfect dressing for a perfect muffin!! Your muffins look very moist and delicious! I especailly like the little crackles on top!
    Im not a bid fan of coffee in my baked goods. I decided to try baking them with chai tea. I was so pleased with the outcome!!

  8. mmm a swirl of nutella is perfect! maybe mix it directly into the batch of muffins and marble it around?


  9. I added cocoa powder to mine and it was a lot like the latte my hubs brings home after church. Yours look beautifully golden.