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Thursday, September 02, 2010

daily bliss: a tale of two meals

Last night, in an attempt to ward off back-to-school butterflies, I channeled my nervous energy into creating a delicious meal of eggplant and squash parmesan, roasted romano beans, garlicky bread, and chocolate ganache topped chocolate cupcakes. I even bought a bottle of Jargon, our favorite inexpensive pinot noir, for the occasion.

Slicing, whisking, dredging, dipping, baking, frosting...the sure steady rhythms soothed me, and my meditative state created a delicious meal.

(I adapted this eggplant parmesan recipe by baking the panko encrusted slices of eggplant and patty pan squash. I also used less cheese, and three different kinds: American Grana, provolone, and fresh mozzarella.)

Tonight, in an attempt to avoid cooking after my first exhausting day of class, G and I headed to our favorite Italian deli, where we supped on marinara covered meat ravioli (G) and red pepper, onion, and artichoke pizza (me).

Sitting, chatting, sipping...the easy companionship, casual debriefing, and waitstaff service demanded just the right amount of energy.

Delicious food and delightful company eased my transition back to work:)

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