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Sunday, July 26, 2009

daily bliss: berries + waffles

How many ways can you (er, i) enjoy bounteous berryness?

Cakes. (done)
Pies. (on the way)
Jam. (done, with more on the way)
Smoothies. (done)
Yogurt. (done)
Cereal. (done)

Mom inspired me to make waffles...the delicious, handy yeasted variety that rest overnight in the fridge and cook up in a snap in the morning, when I'm trying to wash away somnolence and vivid dreams with strong cafe au lait, tangy orange juice, and something sweet and special.

I was on the verge of whipping cream to top these waffles, but (miraculously, though a moment on my fancy body fat scale certainly helped) exercised restraint. A dab of butter, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a pile of berries--strawberries from Wilfert Farms and blueberries from Creek Water Blueberries (my family! our farm! the best blueberries you'll ever eat, i promise!)--made these a perfect start to a lazy, hazy day.

Mmmm, goodness. sweetness. blissfulness. happiness.

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