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Sunday, July 05, 2009

daily bliss: signs

A holiday weekend in signs and photos...

the famous meat store

My brother L calls me a vegetarian who eats bacon. Now, my bacon eating happens rarely, and when it does, I eat the tiniest, crispiest samples. But when I do, oh, I want to swoon. Facon (soy "bacon" strips) just cannot compare. Bacon currently has a hipster following--from bacon chocolate bars from Vosges--to bacon of the month clubs from Zingerman's--to bacon patterned shoes from Keds. With so many bacon products, one might begin to wonder what the plural of bacon is...

...for some reason, bacons strikes me as hilarious. The three times I've seen this BACONS sign, I've convulsed into giggles. This time, I was able to not only take a photograph of the BACONS sign, but also go inside the store and investigate their bacon selection (a disappointing 5 choices). The store also contains an abundance of meat products, local jams and other condiments, cheeses, and even wines!

As we traveled North to Antigo, we spotted this delightfully odd sign:

photo taken by ggg

Apparently, squirrel tails make dandy fishing lures...

Once Up Nort, the silly signs disappeared and nature offered vivid vistas--as we drove on undulating roads through the Menominee Nation, slim birches and substantial evergreens framed towering white, puffy clouds filling an azure sky.

At our final destination, we walked between large and small cabins and houses to reach the 800 acre lake ringed by evergreens and boat docks. In the evening, the sun set off in the distance, leaving a twilight trail of pastels and a moment of quiet magic.

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