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Friday, July 17, 2009

rwa 09: lit establishment

As I prepare for my talk today, I can't quite forget what Nora Roberts said yesterday. Someone asked about her reaction to the recent New Yorker article about her, and wondered what she thought about being recognized, if not fully accepted by the so-called literary establishment. She quipped that it's not important to her, and that the issue is one for publishers to worry about. When asked about the exclusion of romance reviews from the NYT, she said she doesn't care and doesn't think about it, as "royalty checks are more important," as are reader comments at readings.

I was disappointed, because I think that recognition and acceptance by the lit est IS important, and having best selling authors as advocates for the genre and craft can help so, so much...then again, why is such recognition
important?!? I have lots to say about that issue, more than I can swiftly type on this itouch keypad...

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  1. Hope the talk went well on Friday - let us know how things turned out in the end!