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Monday, July 06, 2009

daily bliss: playground

On a whim, I ended my postprandial stroll with a trip to the swing set at the elementary school around the corner from my house. I selected a swing, tested the solidity of the chain links, decided to ignore the slight shift and click of the whole set, and pushed off...

As I pumped my legs, I swung higher, and as I swung higher, that stomach-dropping-head-rushing feeling hit me. Instead of shying away from the disorientation as the world tilted and shifted around me, I laughed out loud, squeeed, and let the rush of giddiness wash over me. I felt like a grade school kid again, not *so* worried about falling or being hurt or feeling sick (i was always a little cautious, even as a kid).

I was more concerned with enjoying all the goodness and possibility of the moment.

As I rose higher, I saw the lake to the East, felt the cool breeze on my face, and lifted off the swing as I was *so* high. I leaned back and floated closer to the earth before taking a deep breath, jumping off the swing, and running back on the ground.

My footing was sure, though my legs shook. My head was clear, though my thoughts tangented. My stomach was settled, though I still felt butterflies.

35. 17. 8.

You're never too old to play. To enjoy moments. To choose giddiness over fear.

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Yes! I love playgrounds. You're never too old for them.