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Thursday, July 09, 2009

daily bliss: pure michigan

Have you seen the new Pure Michigan advertising campaign? Dreamy billboards plastered with breathtaking vistas. Gorgeous commercials playing tranquil music.

Now, I suppose I'm biased, since I'm "made in Michigan" (to riff on a nifty tee shirt I saw at Summerfest). But Michigan in the summer is absolutely fantastic. Splendid sunsets. Luscious fresh fruits. Sun drenched days. Cool nights. The insistent call of a whippoorwill outside my old bedroom window. Being surrounded by water. Ahhhh.

None of the other states I've lived in--Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin--have quite this combination of natural wonders. They have their own wonders, assuredly, and the 'Sconnie Nation is certainly tugging at my state loyalties, what with all the dairy and hoppy goodness. But there's something inexpressibly wonderful about Michigan in the Summer.

Michigan's having some tough times, tougher than most other states. But, to quote the illustrious Destiny's Child, "[We're] a survivor/[we're] not gonna give up."

We have nowhere to go but up (economically. professional footbally).

To quote Jenny Cruisie, we're looking for "nothing but good times ahead."


  1. I'm made in Michigan too!!! We get the ads in MA, too, and I'm always swooning. Summers in Michigan are the best.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Okay, try California. :P

    Just kidding.

    I would love to visit Michigan one day.

  3. I've heard the ad spot quite a few times on the radio, with Tim Allen doing the voiceover. He talks about the trip over on the Badger, the genuineness of the people, the spectacular sunsets...

    ...I can see why you love it.

    And I hope...there's nowhere to go but up, footbally speaking. Although, if there's any team that can find a way to win fewer than zero games, it's the Lions. I am, however (as I am every year at this time)...optimistic. Eesh.

  4. I road the Badger one time (one time!),

    enjoy my latest newest favorite show Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild on the Out Door Channel (even though i've never hunted in my life...I can't stop watching Uncle Teddy)

    and I think you have a swell airport in Detroit for a layover.

  5. Am wondering if THE KID has seen Uncle Ted and Tony Bourdain on No Reservations? Is pretty fun show.

    One of the best pictures I've ever taken was done simply by sticking my camera out the car window as we drove over the Mackinac Bridge, at sunset. Must be a pretty magical place if something so spontaneous can turn out so aesthetically pleasing. Still, on behalf of Sconnie Nation, we are glad you're here, and glad you're enjoying our dairy, hoppy, and bacons-y goodness.

  6. I have not wishokie, but i'll look for it.

    Even though i'm born and raised Sconnie Nation, my family was more (read: all) the ball sports thing then the hunting/fishing thing.

    But, I enjoy Uncle Teddy's music (some of his views) and grilling out is a year round activity for me, so to watch him "kill it and grill it" from the comfort of my home, is just good fun.

  7. macduff, where in michigan?!? it's a swell state to be made in:)

    pinkstripes, i really need to spend some time in california one of these days--i imagine it's a swoon worthy state, too:)

    gregg, that footbally bit was just for you:) (is it crazy that i first read "genuineness" as "geniuseness"?!? oh jeez.)

    the kid, hey, thanks for stopping by! lots of good rockers from michigan...crazy and not. the new, improved detroit airport is not so bad.

    wishokie, this show sounds like something my brother would love. LOVE. and, thanks for reminding me about the BACONS. how could i forget?!?