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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

twd: tribute to katherine hepburn brownies

I've previously posted a Brownie Manifesto of sorts, declaring a war on box brownies. See, homemade brownies taste soooo much better, and are soooo easy to make.

Even these brownies, an adaptation of the great actress' favorite recipe.

I whipped up these brownies on Thursday afternoon, and the most labor intensive step was chopping the chocolate for an add-in.

They're easy, delicious, and sophisticated. With a touch of cinnamon and espresso powder, they're most decidedly adult.

I brought these brownies to a fourth of July weekend Up Nort. I hoped that they would help me make a good impression on the many new people I was going to meet.

And so, Saturday night, after a day spent soaking up sun, booze cruisin' on a pontoon boat, walking to the local watering hole with the girls, and watching a spectacular fireworks display on the aforementioned sea-craft, I brought the brownies to the campfire.

Clutching an icy can of Miller Lite in one hand and a brownie in the other, I hoped for the best as my new friends each selected a brownie from the small container.

"Are these special brownies?" floated around the campfire, accompanied by laughter. And repetition.

"Um, well, they have four kinds of chocolate," I replied. (cocoa powder, bittersweet, milk, and white chocolate chips or chunks)

"These are totally homemade," I heard from somewhere around the circle.

Some people were so impressed they were speechless.

We ate the chocolatey-y goodness, drank our beers, and cranked up the music (motley crue. guns and roses. bon jovi). The stars peeked through wispy clouds, the towering trees cast strong silhouettes, and the conversation shifted from loud and raucous to quiet and cozy.

A perfect Independence Day, and a perfect new brownie recipe.

Thank you, Lisa, of Surviving Oz for selecting this recipe. Lisa designed our new TWD logo--tres chic!--and was awarded the special honor of choosing the recipe this week.


  1. Isn't it sad that people think homemade brownies are so exotic? I'm glad these were a hit for you!

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to end a day, too. They were great, so I'm glad everyone enjoyed them. And I'm happy to hear that they go well with a beer or two! :o)

  3. I'm glad the brownies were a hit! But beer and brownies? Hmm...

  4. I'd be speechless over these brownies too! They look great!

  5. Great looking brownies. Im glad you enjoyed them! I made minis!

  6. Box brownies are for scaredy-cats and they stink!

    Actually, you couldn't be more right about it being so easy to make homemade, and when they taste so much better, why wouldn't you?

    Good looking brownies up there, I see why everyone was impressed.

  7. Sounds like a great time. I'll have to try the cold beer and brownie combo. Is it as good as milk and brownies?

  8. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Sounds like a great 4th of July! I'm glad your brownies were a hit. How could they not be?

  9. Anonymous5:31 PM

    They look delicous! When your new friends think back on the weekend, I bet the brownies will be a fond memory.

  10. Those look like they turned out great and would go well with milk. Or beer. ;) The one brand of boxed brownies that I've found that actually taste good are Ghirardelli - I had them at a friend's house and asked her for the recipe. She was so embarrassed to tell me they were from a box.

  11. I've eaten many a boxed brownie in my day(s), but I'm certain they cannot hold a candle (or a campfire) to your fabulous 4-chocolate ones. Wow! Sounds like a cool time and that you and your new buddies got on famously once the good baked goods were passed round.

  12. Brownies AND beer. A meal in one. They look great. Glad your friends enjoyed them, even tho' they weren't 'special......' LOL

  13. Anonymous1:22 PM

    You're so right about homemade vs. box brownies!
    Your brownies look super chocolately, I love all the different types of chocolate you used! I'm sure you didn't need the brownies to impress the new people, but glad they enjoyed it! =)

  14. I must start baking some day soon. I'm getting really motivated with your posts.

  15. thanks, everyone! i have to say that brownies and beer is a surprisingly winning combination, right up there with s'mores and beer:)