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Monday, July 13, 2009

daily bliss: both sides now

good morning

good night

same colors
same lake
same dharmagirl

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as we gaze

from Fiddler on the Roof


  1. Back at UW-L i dated a nice girl who was born, raised and hadn't left the LaCrosse area much.

    The first time she came back to Manitowoc with me for a weekend she was amazed by "the lake."

    That it was so very ocean-like and you couldn't even see a hint of Michigan on the horizon.

    I said ummmm, it's "the lake."

    I will say this about "the lake" (too much with the "'s?), growing up & swimming in it quite often has given me a unique relativity as to water temperatures...no other body of water (or pool for that matter...except maybe that one in Myrtle Beach during spring break that we thought was heated before we jumped in...) has ever been as cold as "the lake", even in the middle of August.

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Beautiful pictures! It looks so peaceful.

  3. TheKid...if you really want to explore the extremes of (quote)the lake(unquote), come and be a Polar Bear with me on Jan. 1! :)

    Gorgeous colors, dharmagirl.
    (Dirk's telephone pole looks good as a silhouette. heh.)

  4. The Kid, when I lived in alabama, people did not believe me that "the lake" looked like an ocean. it's warm enough to swim in a few days a year over on the other side...once it hits 70 degrees, i'll go in.

    thanks, pinkstripes! it is *so* peaceful and my go-to de-stressor.

    gregg, i can just picture dirk poised on that pole, with jane lurking in the shadows...