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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

daily bliss: pink paper + fabric folders

Yesterday I stopped in OfficeMax to buy my requisite ream of pink paper. Yes, I use pink paper at home. It's just so...pretty. And cheerful! Whether I'm printing out really boring things, like academic calendars (boo!) or mapquest directions for a fun road trip (yay!), the pink paper is a nice touch.

I had a little chat with myself before entering OfficeMax, a la Stephen Colbert's formidable opponent bit:

"It's not time for school supplies yet."

"But see the sign? They already have them on special!"

"It's not even August yet! Don't do it."


"Okay, you can look at pens and folders. That's all."

I picked up my paper, and sauntered over to the folders, when one solicitous OfficeMax worker, complete with headset, approached me: "Do you need help finding anything, young woman?"

Young Woman?


Oh, the temptation to say "I need some school supplies for college, yo." (which would be true. he doesn't need to know that i'm a *professor* and not a student, right?!?)

But I didn't.

He walked away and I looked longingly at folders and binders in shiny pinks and greens. Then I saw a fabric covered binder that looked familiar.

Glee! Delight! Squeeeeee!

The folder was covered in a fashionista Parisian fabric, a fabric I fell in love with a few years ago, and commissioned my Mom to make me a few throw pillows with. The folder claimed to be 100% ecofriendly and was also made in the USA. With a quick glance at the price tag (ahem!), I lovingly scooped it up.

Carolyn asked for photos of my finds, so here they are. I don't usually keep reams of paper and folders in my bedroom, but I had to take a shot with the matching pillows.

And, last night, talking to G, I decided what to do with my new folder. It will be my new journal. I hole-punched some of the new pink paper and added it to the folder. This will be a great journal to play around with and do some more creative things like collaging and drawing and adding other bits of goodness other than just the random musings of my mind. Yay!


  1. What a fun shopping trip! I love the idea of a binder journal - definitely gives more flexibility to mix in other creative projects :)

  2. I love this post--too cute! It's like reading what my own trips to office supplies stores are like. And I love the binder!

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I'm going to have to get pink paper for home. fun!

  4. love the coordinating pillows & journal!

    one of my senior colleagues/peeps wanted to paint her office pink (she's associate chair!) but since the job's not forever she went with cool sagey color in case the office goes to a guy next ;)

    one wonders if anyone's managed to splash the walls of the ivory tower with pink

    PS~~lovely post on finding home

  5. Matching pillos and binder - how KEWL!!!!!

    So, are you looking forward to classes beginning?? I think I will miss that. Retired now from college teaching.

  6. Just think if you had had your mom make you a dress out of that fabric! What would your students think if you came strolling into class on the first day of school with a binder that matched your dress?

  7. thanks for your kind comments, all!

    i love my new binder and can't wait to use it for journaling fun.

    revisionista, i really wanted to paint my office. one of my friends went and asked the powers that be about painting offices and we got a big NO. (and this was before they knew what color some of us had in mind). eek.

    tealady, i finally *am* excited for the new school year. i needed a nice long break, which i've had. i wonder what you'll feel like when late august/early september rolls around and you *don't* have to to go back to teaching...i hope it's a fabulous feeling:)

    oooh, carol! that would be too funny! they might be really scared. as it is, i have a lot of pink accessories--stapler, pens, etc.--and they seem a little amused/scared.

  8. Is there anything as wonderful as an office supply store? We have an old-fashioned one in Atlanta and I love to prowl the aisles. What a fabulous find: a binder in your favorite fabric. I would have snapped it up too (in fact, I might have to check out our local OfficeMax)