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Monday, January 19, 2009

daily bliss: jam

strawberry jam on a winter's morn

As the snowplow scrapes by, and brilliant winter sunshine streams in, I reach for another jar of jam from my hoosier cabinet, desperate for some taste of summer. As I pry off the lid and the air whooshes out, I remember that hot July day that I stood over the stove stirring the bubbling fruit and sugar, imagining this very day and the joy the jam would bring.

This morning I made a half batch of biscuits, using Mark Bittman's recipe. I slathered jam on the warm biscuits, fixed a cafe au lait, and watched the snow sparkle outside, and, in the distance, the lake undulate under a layer of ice.


  1. The jam looks so delicious!

    And that undulating lake thing this time of year - it's pretty incredible, yes? Several weeks ago I found a spot where the "undulate" froze.

  2. thanks, maria. it is soooo good. and pretty too!

    oh wow--did you capture a photo? i took some nice "iceberg" photos the last time i felt it was warm-ish enough to walk outside.