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Friday, January 09, 2009

daily bliss: ruby red grapefruit

In order to meet two of my goals for 2009--practice gratitude and blog more regularly--I'm beginning a new feature. Daily Bliss will be a snapshot of something that provides me with a moment of bliss, a moment of gratitude.

Ruby Red grapefruit, sliced in half, and carefully carved out into sections that I eat with my spoon: a sprinkle of raw sugar on top provides texture and a sweet counterpoint to so much tartness. Fresh and seasonal, if not local, the fruit wakes me up on cold winter mornings when I'd rather stay in bed, dreaming of warmer, sunnier climes.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I love grapefruit and for some reason don't buy it. I think because it tastes better when someone else cuts and carves it for you. :P

  2. I love your resolution. Gratitude is essential and blogging is gratifying. And grapefruit is one of my favorite foods. My grandmother salted hers, I grew up with white sugar on top, but now I just scoop it out with my spoon and enjoy it plain.

  3. yes, the cutting of the grapefruit is the worst part, especially when bleary eyed:)

    i've never tried salt, but i've heard that it works wonders!