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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

daily bliss: warm winter outerwear

outside the Weather Center cafe in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Precious winter sun juxtaposes with eight degrees and a sub-zero wind chill this afternoon. As I read poetry for class tomorrow, drinking endless pots of tea and mugs of coffee, I try to focus on the blessings in such cold. My Mom noted that we're lucky to have so many means of warmth--coats, homes, cars. And so today I'd like to celebrate my winter coat, which manages to be both cozy and stylish. I found it at Burlington coat factory back in October, when H. and I went shopping for winter accoutrements. I especially like the graduated quilting (slimming!) and the off center buttons, as well as the price: $55. As you can see here, I have a bright wool Nepalese hat, a little goofy, but bright and warm. You can't see my boats but they're also functional and fashionable--vibram soles, waterproof leather and quilted fabric, all lined with shearling. Toasty.


  1. I've been wanting a long black down coat, but honestly, living in Atlanta, I can't justify it. Would be very handy for winter travel, though, which I've done a lot. Sorry about that last sentence!
    ps, the verification word is "ragnogs" - sounds like a cute hat...

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Thanks for the cute photo and tips for keeping warm. I've linked to you in my blog.

  3. thanks for the link, catherine!

    oh, nancy, i remember vaguely what those Southern winters are like...i lived in Alabama for 6 years and in Carrollton, GA for 1 year. this is only my 4th winter back after my Southern sojourn, and it's hard to forget that winter doesn't have to be this way. then i remember those Southern summers, and i'm not sure which is more challenging:) ragnogs--i can see them now--custom knit caps:)