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Sunday, January 25, 2009

daily bliss: wine club

dharmagirl discerning different malbecs...

The first rule about Wine Club is...

1. No work talk: we weren't so successful last night, but that was the first time work crept into conversation (perhaps because we have pre-first day of class jitters).
2. The hosts chooses a variety of wine and everyone brings a bottle to share: pinot noir, zinfandel, malbec have been our choices thus far.
3. Hosts provide delicious treats, and others can bring food as well.
4. We slowly work our way through the bottles, comparing notes, and generally making up our own lexicon of wine criticism.
5. Laughter, merriment, shared stories, and opportunities to know one another outside of the confines of work abound.

Wine club is simple, blissful, and one of the highlights of my month. I'm blessed to work with such amazing people who would be my friends even if we didn't work together. Everyone has humorous and tender stories to share, and these nights help build the bonds of friendship. I love the chance to know my friends better, entering their home, being their guest, and sharing food and drink.

Here's to many more meetings of this august society, working our way through wines both ubiquitous and rare, delicious and swill-ish, through the darkest days of winter to the sparkling sunsets of summer.


  1. i get together with my co-workers once a month too. it's so much fun with all the different personalities because we're all so different from each other and i'm thankful that working at the same place has brought us together. your wine club sounds fun, it's always fun to try out new ones.

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Wine club sounds amazing. What a great idea. I'll have to suggest it to my friends.

  3. wine club is so much fun--i can't recommend it enough:)