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Saturday, January 24, 2009

daily bliss: lotion

Today's entry seems a little odd, and more prosaic rather than poetic, but in the dry frigidity of winter, lotion is a temporary salve to my skin and my well-being. Cold dry air outside, warm dry air inside...there is seemingly no escape from dryness, but for those blessed moments when I'm bathed in lotion. Because I also suffer from eczema, my dry skin can become extremely irritated, and only the most sensitive of lotions will do. For now, I'm using Aveeno--the one in the green bottle. I would like to switch to something more natural, but all of the organic and/or natural ingredients varieties I find include chamomile, which I'm allergic to. Perhaps you know of an all-natural skin saver?!?


  1. hi! i swear by origins products, and use their regular "perfect world" line for my face. but i know they have an all-organic line too...maybe check that out?

  2. that's a great suggestion--thanks:)

  3. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Have you tried any of the Body Shop products? They have an aloe line that is great for sensitive skin...or their hemp body butter might be gentle enough, yet moisturizing enough to blast the dryness away!