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Monday, January 19, 2009

dharmagirl 0, kitchen aid 1

the innocent looking KA

I'm laughing so hard that I can barely post...

Here I am, peacefully mixing up some cookie dough (Oatmeal Cherry Chocolate Pecan), and thinking happy thoughts about all my glorious baking experiences, how much I've learned, and generally feeling less than humble...

As the KA whirls the butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla together, I step to the island to grab the bowl of dry ingredients when I hear a most terrible sound--of clunking, of spinning, and then--horrors--of splintering. The spatula I left neatly placed across the top of the mixing bowl, now flailed around in the mixing bowl as the KA settled into a powerful turn.

spatula detritus

And, because of the splintering, I had to begin again. Luckily, I had not added the goodies yet or I would be crying instead of laughing.

So, thank you, oh talented KA, for keeping me humble. Forgive me for anthropomorphizing you, and for underestimating your sheer force

Now I'll proceed with delicacy with those diva eggs I've heard so much about for this week's TWD creation. Perhaps it's time to haul out the hand mixer?!?


  1. LMFAO thats too funny! Those KA can rip your hand off they are stronger then you think!

  2. aaack! poor spatula :( on an unrelated note, i looove your pick KA mixer!

  3. My KA is trying to decide if she's sick or not. If I tell her I know there's no authorized KA repair person in Georgia, I'm afraid it will push her to the wrong decision.

    Sorry yours turned a bit homicidal there. The cookies sound delicious, though, and I'd be interested to see who prevailed in the diva struggle.


  4. That cracks me up!!!! Those suckers are powerful! I think you should give your KA a name...like..."The Pink Lady."

    (I hear you laughing.)

    I named mine "The Silver Bullet."(because of how fast it beats egg whites.)

  5. HA...oh, I did that once...spatula pieces all over my kitchen!

    I can't believe I went through that entire day....joyousness and all...without snagging one of your cookies! I'm losing my touch!!

  6. those KAs are not to be underestimated:) i love my mixer too--a gift from my grandparents when i finished my doctorate:) i do need to think of a name...stay tuned!