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Friday, January 23, 2009

daily bliss: laughter

I've been fortunate to spend the last 3 weeks with an amazing group of students, studying poetry, one of my favorite literary genres. Our small class clicked immediately, and soon the silliness and jokes bubbled up during discussions of Eliot and Wordsworth and Dickinson, coming to a crescendo as we explored Denise Duhamel's delightful poem "One Evening When Barbie Wanted to Join the Military."

One day I laughed so hard I almost cried.
Another day, a raucous snort broke through.
And today I rolled with laughter, although our time together drew to a close.

During the deepest stretches of winter, it's easy to lose a sense of lightness and humor. To feel the ebullience of laughter, and the comfort of relative strangers laughing with me, was perhaps the greatest gift of this poetic journey.

*thanks to David for allowing our collective laughter to fill his cafe**

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