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Friday, February 06, 2009

daily bliss: cinnamon toast + tea

Ahhh, it's Friday night and I'm *finally* relaxing with...cinnamon toast and tea.

And I'm comfortable enough with you, dear readers, to admit the truth about my quiet, un-glamorous Friday night.

After spending an excellent day with some fabulous colleagues, I'm happy to be home, settling in with a new, delicious book.

Oh, and cinnamon toast and tea.

The tea is Margaret's Hope, a darjeeling from the aforementioned plantation, and my favorite weeknight tea. It's a satisfying alternative to hot chocolate when you're already in your pj's and discover you're out of milk...

The cinnamon toast is nowhere near as tasty as my Mom's--she works magic, coating the bread with just the right amount of butter and cinnamon sugar--but comforting nonetheless.


  1. And the book?!

    Sounds like a great Friday night...of course, I might be biased, considering mine consisted of tea and finishing a Marian Keyes book from the library.

  2. cinnamon toast? i've never had it, but anything with butter, cinnamon and sugar has got to be scrumptious!