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Saturday, February 07, 2009

daily bliss: lipstick

Most Februaries, I feel like quibbling with T.S. Eliot about which month is really cruelest--April, as he argues, or February. Somehow, February seems worse, as winter lingers, greyness seeps into my thoughts, and cold wraps around my cheeriness like a wet blanket...

And yet, this February is not as cruel as usual. Near record warm temperatures, sunshine, and snow melt definitely lift my spirits. And so it would seem that I would not need my usual February lift: a trip to the department store cosmetics counter(s).

But, dear reader, can you blame me? It's a rare occasion now that I'm in a department store with a posh cosmetic counter...and so yesterday I took advantage of the Clinique bonus days... and stopped by the MAC counter for a look at their latest lush lipstick colors. In an eerily quiet mall filled with subdued recession fashions, lipstick seemed the easiest solution for a boost of color and a small gesture of economic stimulus.

Not that I need more lipstick...

I have quite a collection.

But even if February isn't cruel right now, it will be another day.

And a little petite indulgence (the new bubblegum-barbie-mac creamshine lip gloss) will make me smile a little wider and greet the remaining days of winter with sass.

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