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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

daily bliss: quick hot meals

More snow! More cold! More winter!

After a day of cake eating--the TWD cake was a HUGE hit on campus--I was ravenous for "real" food, quick.

I put salted water on the boil, then threw in a handful of whole wheat pasta to cook. Meanwhile, I sauteed garlic, broccoli, hot pepper flakes, and cannellini beans, adding pasta water to deglaze. Towards the end I added crumbled feta, the cooked pasta, and a tad more pasta water.

Quick, hot, and delicious on a frigid winter night.

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  1. That is actually very similar to one of my "restorative" recipes. I love beans but usually leave them out primarily because when I'm in the mood for a meal like this I just want ease and comfort and can't be bothered with anything that is not necessary. (I'm a little lazy...)