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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

daily bliss: dried cherries

a gorgeous summer day at sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore, empire, michigan, august 2008

As an avowed locavore, I find winter eating challenging in these parts. I don't yet have a freestanding freezer, so I don't have a cache of summer fruits and veggies at my disposal. I have a dwindling supply of homemade strawberry jam, and a bag of peach slices I stuck in my freezer for a winter's day when I really needed a boost of sunshine. I eat florida and california citrus this time of year, because they're seasonal and domestic, if not local. I've tried to cut back on non-domestic fruits like bananas and pineapples after reading about the environmental impacts and true costs of such fruits.

So, what's a hungry, carbo-crazed SADed locavore to do? Dried fruits! Wisconsin cranberries and Michigan cherries are my treats this time of year--instant fuel, delicious taste, and true to my locavore ways! My Mom and I buy 4 pound boxes of Traverse City, Michigan dried cherries and split them up, and some times I splurge on a bag of dark chocolate covered cherries from The Cherry Republic. Now I'm really wishing I had a bag now, reminding me of summer adventures in Northern Michigan with family and friends...blue skies and warm breezes, walks along a non-frozen Lake Michigan, and shopping trips in Glen Arbor...soon, soon, those days will return.


  1. Oh, I'd do just about ANYTHING for some dark chocolate covered cherries right about now!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Oh yeah. Choc covered cherries are delicious. Have you tried choc covered blueberries. YUM!

  3. I am obsessed with dried cherries, even if they aren't local to Georgia. We are lucky to have regional produce most of the year, although I must say I've been eating rather more winter greens (and loving them) rather less fruit.

  4. me too, cathy! i've resorted to pooping a plain dark cherry and a chocolate chip in my mouth at the same time...not a bad compromise.

    wendy, i haven't yet tried chocolate covered blueberries...just think of the antioxidant power:)

    when i lived in georgia i belonged to a winter csa and enjoyed the most delicious greens...thanks for bringing back that memory, nancy: