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Sunday, February 08, 2009

daily bliss: rest

It seems my body is yelling "de-stress" and "rest" and "stop worrying in advance," as I feel under the weather again. And so today has been a lazy day of doing a little work--reading papers, reading for class, a load or two of laundry--and resting. Endless cups of tea. A stack of blankets. Soothing music on NPR. No more fighting myself (do I feel sick? no! fight! fight!)--instead, quiet acceptance of this moment, which too shall pass. Remembering that it's okay to slow down and not be productive in any of the myriad ways I aim to be accomplished...


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I love lazy days. I hope your day of rest help fight off whatever your feeling.

  2. uhhhhhhhh....sick.

    That's me, moaning along with you. I like to have a good moan every once in a while when I'm sick. It's a much less eloquent way of giving in to the body, and requesting the grace to take care of oneself.

    You know this, I'm sure, but it is absolutely true that the immune system is less effective when one is stressed. So the solution is, of course, no stress, right?! Ah, ha ha. But I do believe, and have for a while, that these viral illnesses are a good sign that it is time to slow down and care for oneself.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. thanks, y'all. i'm trying to relax and be graceful and kind to myself and not worry about work so much...