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Thursday, February 05, 2009

daily bliss: engagement

Not the kind with sparkly rings (although those are swell too).

Rather, the kind where people are jazzed up by ideas, by connections, by possibilities.

Today, my campus held a Teach-In on Climate Issues, part of a National event. Instead of our usual classes, students, faculty, staff, and community members attended a variety of panels, noshed on snacks, and chatted about environmental issues. The energy and comments from students are pouring in, and they're all showing some level of engagement, whether they think climate change is crap or are dedicated to eating sustainably, either way, they're thinking. Hooray!


  1. What an incredible event! I'm all reinvigorated. I want to do this again - on Monday....

    Thanks for you efforts in bringing this about. Very impressive response, especially from students.

  2. thanks, maria! i'm so glad you were part of the day! i've already had some students contact me for recipes and interest in reviving the locavore challenge!