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Sunday, February 01, 2009

daily bliss: local foods

This morning I spoke about local foodways at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in town, which was great fun. I was pleased to know about half of those in attendance, so I wasn't quite as nervous as I thought I would be. And, if there's one topic I'm über passionate about, it's local foods.

This time of year, local foods are scarce, if you're a vegetarian like me. However, the little store in between Field to Fork and Il Ritrovo in Shebyogan is stocked with goodies, such as:

Sassy Cow organic milk

Yuppie Hill Poultry Eggs

Saxon Creamery Cheeses

And, more of those delectable local organic dried beans. And, some non-local but organic Lacinato (or Tuscan or Black) Kale! Yippee!

What a bounty on this winter day! What blessings! What deliciousness!

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