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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

daily bliss: a bit o' green

In honor of St. Patty's Day, today I celebrate my Ivy Geranium plant! I purchased it last summer at the Flying Pig, an awesome gallery cum nursery in Algoma, Wisconsin. With pleated leaves and rose-like pink blooms, the plant bespoke dharmagirlness. However, my plant faltered as I forgot to water it regularly, and when my parents' visited in late July, my Mom took pity on the plant and escorted it home with her to re-pot and nurture with a little tender love and water. The plant revived, and Mom brought it back to me in October. I set it on a white, wrought iron porch table also brought inside for the winter, and waited to see if it would survive the winter, if the weak winter light pouring in through the East-facing windows would be strong enough. I diligently watered it, and look! Not only is it surviving, it's thriving! I'm now wondering how tall and leafy it will be before it's time to harden it off and move it back outside.

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