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Monday, March 16, 2009

daily bliss: pink week

Last week, I hit a proverbial wall.

Winter was back: slush, ice, snow.

Culture wars simmered.

News was bleak: job losses, senseless violence, dire predictions.

My spirits were low, low, low.

And somewhere amidst a conversation about state budgets and their effect on the University System, R, Be, Br, or I came up with the idea to declare this coming Wednesday PINK DAY. Okay, it was probably me.

Now, as if PINK DAY could alleviate any of these woes...as if PINK DAY isn't retro-girly to make even a third-waver, well, waver.

But, the testament to how awesome my friends are, is their immediate and enthusiastic support for PINK DAY. R spoke of unmentionables in shades of fuchsia. Be, who was wearing PINK that day, was all smiles. And Br declared that he would supply PINK shirts to K and J, dudes for whom PINK is just a little too, you know, metro.

And so it is that Wednesday is PINK DAY.

I decided this morning that if one day of PINK is a morale booster, just think of an entire week of sartorial salvation! I ironed my PINK pants, a lightweight chino, and incongruously paired them with a long sleeve tissue tee (brown) and shawl collar wool sweater (cream). As I floated into work, I arrived just after the handing out of the shirts, and amidst conversation such as: "Do I have to teach in the PINK shirt?"

Tomorrow will be a prepster paradise, as I must don the obligatory Irish Green in honor of my non-Germanic ancestors. Add a splash of PINK, and it's 1988 all over again, minus the ribbon barrettes and whale t-necks.

And, well, as for my PINK DAY garb, if my PINK "I ♥ Mr. Darcy" shirt doesn't arrive from cafepress in time, I may need to wear my PINK "reading is sexy" shirt.

PINK + English Major T-Shirts = Bliss.

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