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Friday, March 13, 2009

daily bliss: latte art

I'm tempted to mess with the date on this post to make it look like I wrote it Thursday night since yesterday was my first missed day since I began daily bliss over a month and a half ago! Here's my excuse..I was in bed, reading a foodie novel, *Entertaining Disaster,* when I realized that I hadn't posted. My trusty iBook was already asleep...and it seemed a shame to awaken it.

So, a post for yesterday...latte art. Here's a view of today's large, non-fat honey latte from Alterra Coffee in Milwaukee. Gorgeous and delicious. A little flourish of aesthetics that made me smile even brighter on a happy afternoon spent out-of-town.


  1. Yeah. I SEE HOW IT IS. NO bliss on March 12, huh?


  2. see, i was having too much fun because it was your birthday!!! or, no words could describe what a wonderful day your birthday is. or, i was working on your bday gift...okay, i give up:) i was tired.

    hey, did you know that you share a bday with jack kerouac?!?

  3. I did NOT know that! I knew that I shared it with the Girl Scouts, and the Hell's Angels, but not Jack Kerouac. Rad!

    And I decree my birthday an official "Take Care of Self" day for all loved ones, so you're off the hook.

    On a final note, my word verification for this comment is "bingl". We need to find a use for that word, stat.