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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

daily bliss: mr. darcy

dharmagirl with Mr. Darcy, pink Ph. D. graduation party, August 2003, Auburn, Alabama

The fog has lifted and the cold has descended. My Mom and I were emailing today about a general crankiness that can only be blamed on winter weariness. My patience has worn thin, and believe me, some of my students require overflowing patience. My zeal to accomplish anything more than the daily minimum has evaporated. My craving for delicious Dorie treats has increased along with the number on the scale, which I'm trying to decrease through greater discipline and control.

Is pinning all my hope on Spring and sunshine and blossoms to right the balance ludicrous?

I would argue no.

Irrational, perhaps, at this moment when Spring is still a month away.

And so, my friends, the answer is simple: FITZWILLIAM DARCY, as portrayed by one COLIN FIRTH.

Six hours of searing looks and battles with control and chaos.

Oh yeah.


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I there with you!

    Cute picture.

  2. I think so many illnesses can be cured with a prescription to P&P with Colin Firth. I love "cleaning" house for 6 hours with that in the "background". Funny, I never get any cleaning done...