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Sunday, March 15, 2009

daily bliss: iPod-less walks

It's easy to automatically slip the iPod earbuds in as I head out the door for my daily constitutional. Today, however, I wanted to listen to the world waking up, rather than Lynne Rossetto Kasper dispensing culinary wisdom on Splendid Table podcasts or Neko Case's newest alt-indie-country CD...

I heard a cacophony of geese, flying in huge V's and splitting off into tell-tale twos; the insistent screeches of sea gulls, so novel now and so annoying come August; children laughing as they walked beside their parents out by the lighthouse; cars splashing through rivulets of water racing towards drains; waves crashing up against nearly-bare sand.

In short, signs of life, of change, of motion.

Sounds of Spring.

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