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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

daily bliss: fog horn

Now, a gray-white, rainy, foggy day is miserable sandwiched between a winter storm and another cold snap. As my friend B. said today, we wouldn't mind the damp fogginess if we we're in Seattle because, well, we'd have much better food (and coffee). But, we're here in NE Wisconsin at the end of a long winter. The only highlight of a foggy day is the steadying rhythm of the fog horn blowing through the mist, warning ships approaching the harbor (not that there are many ships this time of year). That sound echoes deep within my bones, and drives me to moor myself on the couch with a fat novel and a hot drink, dissolving the fog into another kind of oblivion.


  1. Oh, I do love the foghorn. We can't hear it here in winter, when the windows are closed, though. I also love hearing the Badger come in, in summer, too.

    Ok, so the lakeshore isn't so bad. But this WINTER. Ugh! I remember it being 70+ on my birthday when I was in VA.

  2. I remember the end of long winters back when I lived in a cold climate. They were like the last two hours of a twenty hour car ride -- you are so close, but those last two hours seem as long as the previous eighteen. The fat novel and the hot drink sound great, though, and I loved your observations about the foghorn!