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Thursday, March 19, 2009

daily bliss: multi-culti potluck

an amazing watermelon carving, crafted by one of our students

I co-advise the campus multi-cultural club on our campus, which hosted our second campus potluck of the year. Last semester we reserved a small-ish room which was overcrowded, so today we filled the larger, and poshest room on campus, with a lake view, and nice long tables for groups of students, faculty, and staff to share a meal together. What a success! Laughter, conversation, diverse cuisine...what's not to love?

Well, the spider that dropped from the ceiling and crawled across my untouched plate of food, for one. It--spider and plate--met their fate in the trash can.

The students made a huge world map, and provided pins with little flags on them so guests could mark out their cultural homes. It's a wonderful testament to our diversity!

the map, before pinning

And now, Spring Break is here. Amidst snow flurries, but I won't quibble with the weather just now because I'm grateful for vacation!

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