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Monday, March 23, 2009

daily bliss: mt. pisgah

the view from the top of mt. pisgah

Years ago, when I was a younger lass, still in High School, my friends and I climbed Mt. Pisgah, the looming sand dune at Holland State Park.

This past year, the county created a park, complete with several hundred steps winding up the dune, leading to steep trails traversing ridgelines and undulating between hills and valleys.

Today, my parents and I bundled up in light layers and faced the brisk wind blowing off of Lake Michigan, and climbed Mt. Pisgah. Looking down at the marinas and cottages, so quiet and empty now, I can think ahead just a few months when summer fun will wrap around the Lake Michigan shores. Oh, halcyon days of sunshine and bliss, you cannot come soon enough!

lake macatawa to the left, and lake michigan to the right

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