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Sunday, March 29, 2009

daily bliss: challenges

I have several posts to catch up on, as my vacation derailed my blogging. I have a few bliss bits to share, but they will have to wait. I'm currently recovering from some kind of gastrointestinal bug that caused me a hellish night alone in a hotel room in lake geneva, where I was going to attend the yoga journal conference. Instead, I managed to drive two and one half hours home yesterday between the worst bouts of the bug. Today, I'm weak and slowly supplementing my body with something more than pop and tea. So far, a single piece of cinnamon toast and a small portion of cappellini with olive oil, salt and pepper are sitting fairly well in my rumbly tummy.

Feeling ill is never good, and this time was particularly bad, as I was away from anywhere I call home. But, Mom and Dad were a phone call away and kept me company in the early morning hours at the hotel, during the long drive home, and a painful evening back at home. The kindness of neighbors and friends once I made it home sustained me through the worst of it--neighbor B was kind enough to run to the store for more pop, and friend B has offered to bring provisions as needed.

I hope to catch up on bliss soon, and to use this little illness as food for thought--about how I live my days, particularly how to live in the moment rather than fearful and anxious of the future.


  1. Awww you poor dear..being sick away from home is the worst. Im thankful you had some friends to help you out.
    Im hope you feel better quickly.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Oh no. I hope you feel better soon.